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'Arthro' joint 'scopy' means to look. It is a method used for diagnosis and treatment of joint problems with highly skilled cameras. With arthroscopy, almost all joints can be intervened.

Since it is done with small incisions, recovery is much faster than open surgeries and it is sufficient to stay in the hospital for a very short time. It is still necessary to apply local, regional or general anesthesia. The advantages of this method are that it takes a shorter time than open surgery, the amount of bleeding is less, and the ability to see the points of the joint that cannot be easily seen even in open surgery. It requires a lot of special equipment and a separate experience for each joint.

Common Diseases That Can Be Treated With Arthroscopy
Shoulder tendon tears repairs
Shoulder dislocation surgeries
Repair of acromioclavicular joint dislocation
Shoulder joint cartilage repairs and treatments
Frozen shoulder arthroscopic releases
joint infection treatments
Articular cartilage repairs
tennis elbow treatment
Assistive imaging in fracture treatments
Elbow contracture releases
joint infection treatments
TFFC cartilage repairs
Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment
Arthrosis treatments
Labrum tear treatment
Articular cartilage treatments
Treatment of impingement (hip impingement) syndromes
joint infection treatments
Repair of meniscus tears
Anterior and/or posterior cruciate ligament repairs
articular cartilage surgery
Osteochondritis dissecans fixations
kneecap problems
joint infection treatments
Treatment of fore and hind foot impingement diseases
Articular cartilage surgeries

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