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Hallux Valgus Treatment

Closed Hallux Valgus Surgery:


It is surgery performed through small holes opened instead of incisions on the finger.



Operation Day:


1. Operation time: 1 hour.


2. It is a day surgery (you will go home on the same day)


3. Sedation + regional block (calming and numbing the leg) or general anesthesia are used for anesthesia.


4. I suggest regional numbing for 2-3 days so that you do not feel any pain, so that healing will begin without hearing the early bone pain.




1. As soon as the numbing effect is over, you will be able to step on and walk.


2. Simple pain medication will be sufficient for mild pain that may occur in the following days.



3.You will have a special bandage on your feet for the first 2 weeks.


4. We will give you a post-operative shoe that you will use during the first 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, you will start walking with sports shoes (sneakers) or wide, comfortable shoes.


5. You will be able to take a bath from the first day.


6. You cannot drive for 6 weeks after right foot operations.


7. You can wear high heels around the 3rd month.


8. The foot remains swollen for about 4 months compared to the other foot.


9. Low-energy activities are started as soon as you feel comfortable. (such as cycling, upper body exercises)


    10. There is no seam to be removed.


Returning to work:

Those who do desk jobs can return in 1-2 weeks, others around the 6th week.


What are the risks of this surgery?

The recurrence rate is reported to be around 15% in all thumb bunion surgeries.

Apart from this, infection, joint stiffness, bone fracture, angular disorders, blood clot disease are rarely reported.

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