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Nerve compression in the shoulder : Suprascapular nerve

What is suprascapuler nerve compression? 

What is supraskapuler nerve compression? 

    Suprascapular nerves (literally: the nerve over the scapula bone ) give branches that pass through a notch above the scapula and move the shoulder to the muscles.  In this notch, sometimes it is crushed or squeezed.  Very heavy backpacks come out when they press this area. Sometimes athletes can hurt this nerve, especially when falling directly on the shoulder. Some ganglion cysts that develop in that area of the scapula can also tighten the nerve.  This condition is not very common and can be easily skipped.

This jam situation causes serious, deep, throbbing and constant pain on the outer side of the shoulder on the same side shoulder muscles. This pain doesn't respond to painkillers. As the shoulder and arm move, the patient begins to feel weakness.    
The affected muscles of the shoulder lose volume and shrink. When the left and left side rowing bones are compared, the muscles on the affected side where the scapula becomes apparent are observed to melt.

After careful examination, an MRI for the problem (to understand if there is a cyst) and EMG (electromyography is a test by neurologists that allows us to understand nerve damage) is done. Diagnosis is done by clinical verification of EMG findings.

If there is a physical load on the class at the work the patient is doing, this should be corrected. With physical therapy, it is necessary to regain the strength of the muscles.
If there is a cyst, it should be surgically removed immediately.
 If success has not been achieved for about 1 year with medical treatment, the pressure on the surgical surgery should be eliminated.


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